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Hockey Skill Testing and Grid Iron Hockey Camps
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Advise Hockey was developed to determine the overall skill level of each individual player in consideration of the player's age, weight, strength, size and level.  Utilizing precision radar and timing equipment from Jugs Sports and Brower Timing Company, we will evaluate seven key areas;
  Speed: Players make one lap at full speed with their time being recorded
  Puck Handling: Players will be timed while skating through a series of obstacles with a puck
  Shooting Velocity: Players will be given five (5) opportunities to shoot at a radar device, with their best score being recorded
  Shooting Accuracy: Players will have two (3) chances to shoot at four (4) targets with their best score being recorded
  Mobility: Players will be timed making a series of turns skating forwards and backwards to determine their mobility
  Acceleration: Players will sprint over 50 feet from a dead stop
  Body Testing: Players will be measured for height, weight and basic strength, including push-ups and sit-ups
  Dan Fritsche: See NHL Player Dan Fritsche participating at Advise Hockey
Following the testing period, we will be able to accurately advise the player which skills need improvement.  This will help determine which type of drills, exercises or development camps the player should consider attending.

We will also be able to evaluate their abilities compared to other players the same age, weight and size as well as within the same league or level.  All participants will be given the opportunity to have their testing scores posted on advisehockey.com.

Advise Hockey will be traveling the globe to evaluate the skill level of all ages and levels of hockey players worldwide.  This is a great opportunity to see exactly where a player's skill level ranks, and what areas of their game they need to focus on.

Our collective coaching experience ranges from Squirts to the NHL level. As coaches, we know how difficult it can be to convince players that to move forward, they may need to focus on specific points of their game. Advise Hockey follows the principle of “seeing is believing”, and subscribe to the fact that “statistics don’t lie”.
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Dan Fritsche

"Fundamental skills are the key to every player's success. As a kid, I focused mainly on my own skill development. The Advise Hockey program is one of the greatest tools available for players to clearly evaluate themselves and understand their current skill level.  The program provides a clear direction on where they should focus their efforts to improve their game.  I strongly recommend players and coaches take full advantage of an Advise Hockey testing clinic in their area to gain a greater understanding of what's truly needed to improve."
Dan Fristche

Dan has played in over 250 NHL games with the Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild.

Advise Hockey Scores

Born: 07/13/1985
Height: 6'-2"
Weight: 211 lbs.
Position: Center
Shoots: Right
Push-Ups: 102
Sit-Ups: 152
Acceleration: 2.02 sec
Mobility: 18.30 sec
Puck Handling: 13.02 sec
Shooting Accuracy: 4 targets
Shooting Velocity: 90 mph
Speed: 13.02 sec
Advise Hockey
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